A gem of a cartoon!

This is one of the key considerations that prompted me to strive to use shared/mass transport as much as possible. If this cartoon struck a chord at all with you, you must check out these compelling slides.


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A computer science researcher by training. At present, I earn my monthly wages from Microsoft, where I am a software engineer. Prior to that, I had worked with KSS and HP Labs, after obtaining MS-by-Research from IIIT Hyderabad. I hail from Ahmedabad (Gujarat), where I spent the first two decades of my life. A few years later, Sejal was kind enough to pick me as her partner for life. I am avidly fond of bridge (a riveting mind game of cards). In late 2010, I made what I consider my most significant decision: https://pulzinponderland.wordpress.com/living-well-by-letting-live/

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  1. Nice post. As someone who has been walking to work for the last 4.5 years, it was easy for me to agree with what you say.

  2. Hey
    Very informative post, loved it.



  3. Sasmita choudhury

    yes. agreed with you on the pollution aspect, very informative n well represented. The above cartoon is a real eye-opener for the whole society. Many Congratulations to take this initiative n to start up this mission. I wish all the luck.
    – Sasmita

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